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Course Certificates


How does it work?

  • Register for a free Extension Online Account or Sign In
  • Enroll in a course. **Note: Many of our online courses offer free enrollment
  • Complete the pre learning assessment
  • Review & Learn the course content at your own pace
  • Take a brief final exam
  • Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will be given the option of obtaining a certificate
  • Before obtaining some certificates, you may be required to pay a small processing fee
  • Access your current certificates anytime from within your Extension Online account
  • You or your employer can verify a certificate at anytime by entering its unique certificate code

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Why do some certificates require a processing fee?

Certain professions, such as Child Care & Food Managers, require official documentation of completion of state or nationally mandated training requirements.

Verifiable certificates also prove that you are committed to life-long learning.